Motion Graphics

Make 2021 Amazing!

A promo we put together to pump our clients and ourselves for the new year!

Implementing Motion Graphic Design in Video Marketing.

Regardless of the amount of motion graphics that are added to a video project, it can highly elevate the quality. If you are looking to brand your video marketing with an animated logo or have a fully developed motion graphics video. We are obsessed with story-driven content that engages the audience you are looking speak to. Check out our short motion graphics reel just to the left.

Downtown Columbus

A promotional video about Downtown Columbus. A few drone video clips merged with Crossing River Studios motion graphics. Check out the video!

Motion Graphics Animation Logo Introduction

Here we have an example motion graphics animation logo introduction video we created for a client. We can work with you and your team to create a motion graphic animation asset that you can use to add to any preexisting content or any content you create in the future!

Original Motion Content.

Elevate your video marketing projects with motion graphics.

A few common ways to implement motion graphics:
  • Creating your logo in motion to brand your video marketing projects.
  • Adding motion graphics to your videos to highlight your product or service.
  • Developing full motion graphics videos to market to your audience.
  • Using motion graphics to create explainer videos to assist your customers.
  • Engaging potential new customers with a powerful message using motion graphics.